Wellness Programs and Classes

DC Wellness Program

In an effort to help the community live healthier, more active lifestyles and to reduce the number of obesity related diseases among citizens, Dr. Ivan L. Robinson and Associates Family Practice and Urgent Care has partnered with the local community to develop the Step Up to Strength-Vitality-Wellness Program sponsored by National Recreation and Park Association.

Using the guidelines of the National Recreation and Park Association’s Step Up To Health initiative, the program seeks to improve the overall health and quality of life in the community by promoting heart-healthy eating and physical activity. Participants in the program receive:

  • Health and Wellness Screenings
  • Exercise therapy including aerobic strength training, yoga, belly dancing, turbo-kick, self-defense, Tai Chi, and more.
  • Nutrition and meal planning education
  • Relaxation and massage therapy 

​Participants in the program are required to attend four (4) classes per week at their local Wellness Center and in return, receive massages and once-a-month dinners prepared by professional chefs. The Step Up to Strength-Vitality-Wellness program is for people of all ages and the exercise classes are free with registration for DC residents, The program also assist in providing access to medical services for the locally uninsured. 

Get Fit in the Workplace
​Do you have 25 minutes for wellness and 20 for lunch? If so contact our office about a daily workplace wellness program. Our program currently has classes at lunchtime all over the DC area. Contact us for a trial session at your work site.

Classes for MIND, BODY and HEALTH

African Dance Class

The Beginning African Dance Class explores traditional West African dances and rhythms. Students will learn the meaning & history of the dances as they are used in the daily lives of people on the continent of Africa. This fun and exciting class will cultivate and develop confident, creative and inspired students.

Wholistic North African BellyDance (WNABD) is a dance workout that is  designed for the whole self and for overall well-being. It is a healing approach to the ancient art of belly dance that includes full-body stretches, isolations, shimmies, slow-motion serpentine movements, fast hip drills and more.  A session of WNABD incorporates dance technique and traditional elements of North African healing dances into an intensive endorphin-releasing experience that increases strength, flexibility, coordination, relaxation and balance. This class is held in a safe and peaceful environment that promotes joy and self-acceptance.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi originated hundreds of years ago from the fusion martial arts and Taoism. Today, Tai Chi is generally practiced for its health benefits and enjoys great popularity. Yet it remains a potent martial art. The flowing circular movements in the Tai Chi forms are naturally relaxing and therapeutic. These very same moves can be applied in self-defense to ward off and deflect an opponent’s strikes. At a more advanced level, push hands practice further enhances the skill of sensing and neutralizing an opponent’s energy and force.

The benefits of Tai Chi Chih are felt within weeks or months of practicing. No special clothing, equipment or experience is required. Only a few feet of floor space is necessary.
Beneficial results are obtained regardless of physical condition, agility or age. It is practiced with the body relaxed, but the mind clear and focused.

Benefits to the Body and Mind are:  Helps to improve balance, flexibility, and coordination and reduces falls, Fantastic for reducing stress, Strengthens the immune system, Improves circulation,  Strengthens ligaments/tendons, Helps manage chronic diseases, such as arthritis, and heart disease, depression and diabetes.  


The practice of Yoga, dating back 5,000 years, can help improve your health with stretching to tone your muscles and exercise your entire skeletal system. Some yoga classes are more challenging than others.

Yoga Stretch: An innovative approach to the popular fitness-focused mind/body workout, Yoga Stretch consists of traditional yoga poses executed with a Vinyasa flow.  Participants will experience improved strength, flexibility,balance and posture. Yoga Stretch is friendly and suitable to members of all fitness and experience levels

Yoga is designed to enhance vitality and a sense of well being, this workout will help participants gain improved flexibility, balance, strength and posture. The class will borrow from each instructor’s experience with Yoga and may incorporate basic poses from various Yoga styles.

Qigong (CHi-Gong)

Qigong is the cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine. It has been practiced in China for over five thousand years and has proven effective in the prevention and cure of many diseases. Over 240 million Chinese people practice Qigong, yet unlike acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine and tai chi, it remains a mystery to most Americans and others in western cultures.

Qigong is a discipline that combines mental concentration, breathing techniques and body movements to activate and cultivate a person’s “vital energy.” In Chinese, Qi or Chi (pronounced “chee”) means “air” or “breath, vital energy and the universal force that is in all things.” Gong is defined as “work, the function or benefit of this energy.”

​Qigong, like other holistic healing modalities, promotes the philosophy that a person’s mind, body, and spirit are interconnected. Qigong also teaches that energy moves through channels or meridians in the body. Illness or pain can be a result of blockages or changes in the Qi and channels. The practice of Qigong can enhance health and life by opening blockages and improving the flow of energy in the mind, body and spirit.